Love the food here, bacon cheeseburger is the bomb, even the fries are fantastic" - Michael M.

I have been coming here for many years, and the food has always been super delicious and high quality!! I've NEVER had a bad meal here not once, and the prices are reasonable like most other sub places. The Manager, Lou, has been the same Manager for many years as well! Bottomed line: You won't find a sub place as good as this!! I recommend the BBQ Steak & Cheese sub (with Provolone)!" - David C.

This place was awesome!The food is delicious and it's not expensive. They asked me enough questions so they could make the sub exactly how I wanted it and they DID make it exactly how I wanted it. I don't think I'm gonna go to a Subway ever again. Not while this place is around!" - Drea R.

Subs so good they're totally worth the price!" - Alex S.

If I could give more stars I would. I've been coming to this John Smith subs since I can remember. My trips here number in the hundreds if not thousands. I've tried most of the menu but my go to is the cheeseburger sub. It's my comfort food. Everything here is awesome especially the fries! Also, ask for the fries well done because it just makes something amazing that much better. All the staff there is nice, it's mostly younger kids I'm guessing high school or college but they're all very professional and run a clean restaurant when the owner isn't there (which is rare). Lou is the man! He's owned it a long time and hes always maintained the quality I've grown to crave. There's a reason why there's so many regulars that know him by name, and he knows them too. I've never been to any other John Smith subs but I bet they don't match up to this one. It doesn't feel like a chain restaurant at all. The place has more of a one of a kind feel. If you're in the west boca area and feel like having a darn good sub I recommend no one except this place." - Jon S.

The best sub shop in town... From the cook to the girl who takes your order... Food is great and the service is excellent..." - Justin B.

I've been coming to this Jon Smith Subs for years and the food has always been top quality. I'm hooked on their Steakbomb and they always grill the steak and vegetables to order so the sub is all melty and warm and delicious and yum!! Sometimes I'll order to-go but the food smells so great, I just end up eating my sub in the car. The location is a little older, but the restaurant has always been super clean and the staff is really nice and helpful! Highly Recommended!" - Alexis S.

I just had my first John Smith sub, a steak bomb sub, and it was The BOMB!!! This sub just gave me life!!" - Sherry L.

I really like this place l. I mean its the closet thing this NJ girl will get to a cheesesteak sandwich. Its close to my house and fairly cheap in price. They have alot of other sandwiches but for now i just about the cheesesteak and its pretty good." - Taffy C.

This is by far my favorite sub restaurant. From the staff at the front to Lou the cook.Quality is excellent!" - Justin B.

Great subs. Favorite is the Bomb but the BLT is pretty good too. Fast and courteous staff. My new favorite sub shop." - Adan C.

These subs are the real deal! Delicious fresh ingredients on yummy bread. Everything here is amazing. The hot subs are even great as well! The fries are so good too! Their fruit punch and lemonade is also amazing and I never like either. Service is always so fast and friendly. Forget those trendy awful places that over overrated and bland." - Katrina L.